New club members are always welcome.


Ages of swimmers range from about 7 to 18+. Members generally train together and race as a team.


Squad training and coaching is provided by the Tasman Magic Academy (CLM). Your club subscription does not cover this, and you will pay a weekly or quarterly fee directly to CLM for training and coaching fees (this is totally separate to the Club).


When young swimmers join the Tasman Magic Academy programme they also join a local swim club so that they are affiliated to Swimming NZ (SNZ) and Swimming Nelson Marlborough (SNM). Once they are a member of a club and affiliated they can swim in age appropriate swim meets. Most of the Tasman Magic Academy swimmers are members of Tasman Swim Club.


One of the really nice things is that the emphasis is not on winning - it's about improving and getting faster. Often a swimmer who comes last in a race will be delighted because they got a new 'PB' or Personal Best time for that stroke and distance.


All club members are encouraged to participate in swimming competitions (meets) which range from local inter-club meets through to national/international level competitions.


The Club, together with the Tasman Magic Academy, hold monthly squad racing nights so that all members can gain some competition experience in a fun environment and socialise with each other.


Swimmers who join TSC need register as a Club or Competitive swimmers and pay an annual club membership fee.


There are two categories that you can choose from:


Club Swimmer: This applies to a swimmer who trains regularly in the Bronze, Silver or Gold Squads and allows the swimmer to compete in swim meets at a Club and Inter Club level only. Club swimmers need to pay the Swimming NZ registration fee of $18.00 as well as full club membership.


Competitive swimmer: This applies to a swimmer who has graduated to Junior, Intermediate or above Squads and allows the swimmer to compete as a registered swimmer and can compete in club, regional, national or international events. Competitive swimmers need to pay the Swimming NZ registration fee of $ 91.50 as well as full club membership.


Both Club & Competitive swimmers need to complete the Tasman Swim Club registration.


Please note that upgrading from Club to Competitive swimmer is available at any time of the season. This is done through the Club Recorder and includes payment of the additional Swimming New Zealand registration fees.


Tasman Swim Club Registration form is available under membership as both docx and pdf formats.