Wharenui Winter Olympics 2016 Results

Wharenui Winter Olympics 2016 Results

Attached are the results from the Wharenui Winter Olympics 2016 – the Tasman team did themselves proud with a bunch of great Pbs and overall results – including three of the girls taking the top points for their age groups – well done.  


The Age Group winners were as follows:


Boys 10 and Under          Daniel Bridgman - Wharenui

Girls 10 and Under          Natasha McGibbon - Vikings

Boys 11-12 years              Taiko Torepe Ormsby - Wharenui

Girls 11-12 years               Piper Riley - Tasman

Boys 13-14 years              Zeke Pine – QE2

Girls 13-14 years               Bree Anderson - Tasman

Boys 15 and over              William Campbell - Wharenui

Girls 15 and over              Caitlin Delany - Tasman

TSC Results - Wharenui Winter Olympics 2016

TSC Relay Results - Wharenui Winter Olympics 2016

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